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12+/2008 Update

April 4, 2008

A short 12+ Books for 2008 update. Last week I have finished another book, Speaker for The Dead by Orson Scott Card. The total is now seven books in three months. I’m way ahead of schedule.

Right now I’m reading my first Robert Heinlein novel, Stranger in a Strange Land.


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  1. I found Speaker for the Dead fascinating, but am curious what others think. So? Stranger in a Strange Land is on my ever-expanding reading list. Maybe I’ll actually get to that and the rest of the Ender series this year.

  2. @mish: I agree. Speaker of the Dead is an amazing sequel to Ender’s Game. It has a different “tone” than Ender’s Game but both are equally good. Its one of the book with interesting and realistic alien life form. (I guess, not like there are any real aliens around here)

  3. They’re mangoes and papayas, both good for different reasons. Indeed about the latter.

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