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Kinokuniya Discount

April 4, 2008

One of the benefits of working in Ratu Plaza is that you can visit Kinokuniya Bookstore on lunch break every day. Yesterday during lunch break I went to Plaza Senayan to eat and pay my daily visit to Kinokuniya. Ritually, I walked directly to the science fiction section to see if something unique pops up like when I found Childhood’s End and Lord of Light. I found nothing new.

Then I saw a discount section. I took a brief look at it thinking that only bad and boring books would end up there. But yesterday was different. I found not one but three hidden gems:

  1. The first one which caught my eyes is Dying of the Light by George R. R. Martin. I remembered from Wikipedia that the book was a Hugo Award nominee. I lift it up and saw the big 70%-off sticker. Oh yeah!
  2. After that I found Broken Angels by Richard K. Morgan. It’s the second book in the Takeshi Kovacks series. I haven’t read Altered Carbon yet but with a 70%-off sticker slapped on it, it’s a no-brainer.
  3. The last one, hidden among the boring and not-interesting book lies the only copy of Foucault’s Pendulum (Umberto Eco) in store, with a 50%-off sticker on it.

That day I walked out of Kinokuniya Bookstore with a very big smile and an equally big plastic bag. Good bargain!

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  1. Must be great feeling to find such a good book at super bargain price :) hehe

    I wonder why they discounted the books if it’s so famous outside Indonesia. Is it because cover? Can you post the cover? :D

  2. Drool…

  3. @gagahput3ra:
    It is wonderful!
    The cover are just OK. To see the cover, just click on the links in the post. It leads to the amazon pages of the book.

    I’ve seen Dying of the Light and Broken Angels for quite some time on the shelf, so I think they discount them since it didn’t sell well. I’m not sure about Foucault’s Pendulum though, I remember it selling pretty well (Yes I know, I checked it almost daily!).

  4. Ngomong-ngomong George R.R. Martin, gw pernah dapet di Kino PS, “A Game of Thrones” cuma seharga 50.000. Sampe sekarang sampul plastiknya blom kebuka, abis sayang ^^; Emang seru tuh ‘berburu harta karun’ di toko buku. Di Gramed ato TGA juga kadang2 nyempil buku2 impor murah yang gak dilirik karena orang2 cenderung nyarinya ke Kino, aksara, atau Periplus.

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