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Kafe Victoria, Plaza Senayan

April 14, 2008

Lemon Butter Gindara at Kafe Victoria

Kafe Victoria in Plaza Senayan is almost always packed with people all the time. Yet finding some reviews and information about it on the net is not an easy task. Even those that we found were rather discouraging. Surprisingly, the food were very delicious. We ordered Goulash Soup (23k IDR), Lemon Butter Gindara (53.5k IDR, pictured above), Chicken BBQ (53.3k IDR), Cafe Mocha and a glass of Iced Lemon Tea.

The Goulash was amazing, red with tomato and bell peepers. My Lemon Butter Gindara was also tasty (got to be the butter hehe), I would surely recommend it to anyone. It also came with a small plate of boiled potato.

Lemon Butter

Here is the Chicken BBQ which Wortel ate. Also very very delicious. The chicken came with BBQ sauce and a small plate of fries.

Chicken BBQ at Kafe Victoria

I Wonder… what took me so long to try this place?


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  1. ….Alaways love Victoria Cafe….real cafe…

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