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Job Interviews Tips

April 27, 2008

Interviewing new applicants gives me a different view on the expectations of the other side. Here are some tips I gather from my personal expectations towards the new applicants.

Relax, Smile and be Friendly

A relaxed, smiling and friendly applicant gains an extra point upfront. Being friendly lightens the heart of the interviewer. It will make the interview more like a friendly conversation instead of an interrogation. It’s good for both you and your interviewers.

Explain Yourself

Interviewers wants to know everything about you. Be elaborate when answering questions. Don’t just answer with a yes or no, explain yourself. It will help the interviewers to understand a part of you that they might otherwise miss. For example:

Interviewer: Have you ever worked with hibernate?
Answer: No I haven’t, but during my works I’ve used a Python-based ORM library, SQLAlchemy.

In this example, the short answer is no. But from your explanation the interviewer can derive that you know that hibernate is a kind ORM and you’ve actually worked with one before. They will make a mental note that roughly says “I think we can teach him to work with hibernate quickly”.

Here is another example:

Interviewer: Tell me about your past project?
Answer: I made a reporting system for a catering company. It was a team of two. We made a web application using ASP.NET technology with Oracle Database. I mostly work on the web front-end, coding with C# and Javascript. We used the JQuery framework.

Most people end their answer with the first sentence which practically doesn’t explain anything. By describing it further you inform them that you’ve experienced web programming with .NET, C#, Oracle and JQuery. That’s a whole lot of jargon to help propel the interview further. Therefore instead of asking, “What was your role in the project?” the interviewer would ask, “Did you use AJAX?”, which might be a needed skill that you have.

Don’t forget to be enthusiastic!

Be Clean and Neat

Wear your best shirt, trousers and shoes. Make sure they’re all clean and presentable. Present yourself like you’re worth your expected salary.

Arrive ahead of time. Coming early gives you the extra time you need to hit the toilet to comb your hair and wash your face. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I look like I’m ready to work on the spot?”

Don’t be Wierd

One of the goal of an interview is to to know if you’re the kind of person the interviewers would like meet and work with everyday. Don’t be weird, hide your quirkiness.

Good luck!

  1. Joe permalink

    Boleh juga tipsnya. Thanks

  2. Hai, salam kenal. Bole ga saya muat postingan blog kamu yang menarik ini di media saya? Please kontak saya di ya kalo kamu berminat. Thxx :)

  3. amlistening permalink

    Valid ones. I have been on both sides too and agree to your suggestions.

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