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Hardy and 16 Books

June 10, 2008

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time. Don’t need me to tell you that huh? Many things happened during my “away time”. I’m now in a new company, working as a developer this time. boy, It’s great to have hands on with code again! Python code in fact. I’m paid to code in Python! Wohoo!

Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron

I know Hardy was released more than a month ago, but allow me say: I’ve installed Hardy! I can say that the desktop effects (more famously known as Compiz) is now perfect. The effects are just right, not too flashy but still shiny.

Firefox 3.0 is now installed by default. I like it that web forms now follow the current GTK+ Theme, it makes it feels more “native”. Firebug 1.2 beta is also available in the repos and works nicely with FF 3.0, which is a surprise since the one available in the official site doesn’t. Unfortunately I think Firebug beta is what causes Firefox to crash from time to time.

Overall, it’s a solid release. Congrats to the developers. I wish all the best for the next release, Intrepid Ibex (8.10).


I’ve read another four books:.

  1. Dying of The Light by George R. R. Martin.
  2. The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan.
  3. Lord of The Flies by William Golding.
  4. Gateway by Frederik Pohl.

So my total is now 16 in half a year. Sagan’s “The Dragons of Eden” is a wonderful read. The tagline of the book pretty much describes what is in it: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence. In this book Sagan combine various fields such as biology, anthropology and psychology to speculate on the nature of our intelligence. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested with the human brain. I like it how Sagan explains how myths and dreams arises and how it relates with our evolution.

  1. Lina permalink

    aka, sekrg pindah kemana? Congrats for the new job:D

  2. good luck with the new job

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