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2009 New Year’s Resolution

January 10, 2009

So what do I want to do in 2009? Last year’s book reading was a complete success. I’ve read mostly sci-fi novels. I think for 2009 I want to widen my scope of knowledge. Learn something new and different. Therefore my resolution is to read at least six non-fiction books in 2009.

Why only six? I assume that non-fiction books tend to be more boring than fiction (I might be wrong). They are also more expensive and I also don’t intend to stop reading fiction. I still got a list of novels I really want to read. The Last Colony (John Scalzi), A Deepness in the Sky (Vernor Vinge) and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (PKD) are some of them.

So 2009, here I come!


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  1. Hi,
    I’m definately with you on the non fiction being more expensive and boring…but there’s exceptions to that rule too. Doing some research for my next book I read The New Cold War by Edward Lucas. Without doubt worth the time and money, a true eye opener! And if you need anything for your sci-fi list, please check out my book: G.E.N.I. Genetically Enhanced Natural Intelligence.

    Good luck with your ’09 reading! :)

  2. grab some Michael Crichton for some “Hardly believe that they are Non-Fiction” Novel…. :)

    i would suggest Timeline, Andromeda Strain and The 13th Warrior… :)
    grab Jurassic Park as well if you still have some slot on your borrowing limit…:)

    Arturo Perez Reverte’s novel also quiet detail on picturing Europe especially on cities about Italy… Try “The Flander’s Panel” and “The Seville Communion”…

    Happy reading…

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