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March 29, 2009

Finally, I’ve joined the masses and made myself a Facebook account. Those who know me personally, feel free to add me as a friend :)

I’ve also updated my Gravatar image. It seems that I’ve “confirmed” myself now that the Cafe Latte pic should be my globally recognized avatar. It has been my IM avatar for quite some time. If you’re wondering where I got the image, its from Wikipedia.

It has been a while since my last post. Work is getting busier and busier, plus the connection in the office is not so good. Loading WP is a pain, especially when the bandwith is capped at 5 kbps. Imagine that, five kilobytes per second. Seriously.


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  1. pake koneksi dari ISP mana mas?
    kok lemot banget gituh..

  2. Welkom to Fesbuk bro

  3. That Gravatar image.. Why don’t you just make your Gravatar from your collection? I thought it was one of your photo collection.

  4. sohel permalink

    I want to join in your site

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