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Upgrading to Jaunty

April 23, 2009

Thank’s to Telkom’s new unlimited package I can safely (monetary wise) upgrade to Jaunty. I wanted to upgrade before the release day, before the repos are bombarded by the release hype.

Unfortunately the official Indonesian Ubuntu repos ( isn’t properly synched. I had to manually change the sources.list to use Telkom’s server ( which seems to be doing a better job in keeping its repos.

Currently the download is on hold, I shouldn’t waste company bandwith during worh horus. I’ll resume the download later lunch time, and at home. If all runs well, the upgrade should be done tonight.

If you’re wondering: I’m using Speedy, “Load” (512kbps, 3G soft limit). The download speed is pretty stable at 50Kb/s.

BTW: I don’t no about you guys but I’m not really that hyped up about this release. The new notification system looks cool, but not really that ground breaking. Is the GDM login screen already using clutter?

  1. sebenere official ubuntu repository itu bukan hanya indika dan telkom, kambing, kebo, unej sekarang dah di acc tuk masuk official

  2. @udienz: Waktu masih pake Intrepid, pilihannya cuman Indika. Kalau mau yang lain terpaksa edit sources.list sendiri. Sekarang di Jaunty sudah masuk pilihannya.

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