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Jaunty hands on

April 25, 2009

After several hours of download and installation, I finally upgraded to Jaunty.

First of all I’m not a fan of the new start up and login screen. The smaller progress bar looks odd, and its still the same logo over a black screen. I hope Ubuntu start up screen can move forward to the full color, full screen kinds like Fedora/SuSE.

The login screen is a huge regression for me. I absolutely love the old login screen, it looks professional and mature. But the new one screams amateur. I’ll definitely download the old login theme.

On the other hand I welcome the new notifications and indicator applet. Both of them are cool. The Computer Janitor is also a welcomed addition.

I haven’t found any other interesting changes so far. I haven’t tried the new themes. They look nice from a distance but unfortunately my 1024×600 netbook screen cries if I don’t use a “compact” theme.

Overall: A good incremental release, except for some “visual” regressions.

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One Comment
  1. really?
    i really like the login screen, so elegant :D

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