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Things to do in Singapore

June 1, 2009

Interesting things to do in Singapore, but probably aren’t mentioned elsewhere:

Meanwhile, things to avoid:

  • Long John Silvers. Save your money. If you want fast food, go to Burger King.

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  1. Hehehe speaking of Cathedral of Good Shepherd and St. Andrew..
    I remembered that someone I know mistakenly entered the church;p

    hmmm in Spore…how about spending times in National Library? Or hunting 2nd book in Bras Basah Road?

    Urgghh…how i missed Singapore so much!!!!

  2. How about a bite at Tori-Q?
    Or dine in at Crystal Jade and enjoy their Xiao Long Bao?
    Yes, Burger King rocks, Long John Silver sucks. :P

  3. @Icha: Gw pertama kali dateng salah masuk ke sana. National Library and Bras Basah are also interesting activities but I haven’t done it myself yet.

    @Animaster: Jakarta also have Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao

  4. early morning kopi with char-siew pao on kopitiam nearby apartment
    early lunch on Thiong Bahru Market
    followed by a long a’noon reading on National Library… :)
    after that an afternoon snack in the kopitiam nearby… don’t forget to pack some old chang kee curry puff from thiong bahru to accompany your ice barley… :)
    evening walk from somerset to orchard and head to Library@Orchard for anothe reading time…
    donner kebab for dinner while watching shoppers passes by…
    hit back home on a long SBS trip with Audiophile playlist on your IPOD… :)

    i missssss singapore…. :)

  5. @Jeff: Wow, that sounds really fun!

  6. I have just come across your blog, and have found it interesting and informative, I just loved this post on what to do in Singapore, this is one place that I would really love to visit, its on my to do list and I am going to remember your tips for when I do.

  7. Things to do in Singapore:
    1. Eating durian
    2. Eating durian
    3. Eating durian
    4. Eating durian
    5. Go to Funan
    6. On the way back, eating durian again

  8. Why not trying to make business in S’pore?

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