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Asus UL30VT

March 13, 2010

I stepped out of the Singapore IT Show 2010 with a new Asus UL30VT laptop. I had to settle with the silver model since they don’t have the back one. Its still a very beautiful machine.

Its a thin and light laptop, measuring less than 1″. I don’t know the weight but this is clearly under 2 kilos, around 1.5 kilo. Which is impressive, considering it hosts 2 GB of RAM and a 500 GB of disk inside a 13″ frame. It doesn’t have a built in DVD drive but I got an slim external DVD Writer as bonus. On the graphics side, it as two switchable graphic card: an Nvidia GeForce for gaming and an integrated Intel when you need to conserve power.

It came with Windows 7 pre-installed. This is the first time I touched a Windows 7 installation (really!) and I’m pretty impressed. It feels much more reliable than Vista. Of course the first thing I did was load up IE and download Google Chrome as well as Pidgin to make it more “at home”.

Of course I can’t stay with Windows 7 forever. Time to load up Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) in here… In fact I’m on Live CD now, installing Karmic ;)


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  1. dedhi permalink

    the almost the same spec from Acer is only S$649. albeit with less faster clock and lot less sexiness hehehe

  2. Which Acer model it is? I saw the 13″ Timeline but it doesn’t have the switchable nvidia graphics.

  3. It runs NVIDIA Optimus, right? Yes, I’ve set my eyes on that sexy laptop for once, but I still love my current VAIO. I guess I’ll wait for the next iterations.

  4. well it’s a nice laptop I guess. can you post the pict of the laptop then? :-)

  5. hehehe,,, linux mania until whenever it is still linux mania

  6. g-force is very nice, i love all the characters in that animated movie ‘:~

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