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Go! Go! Curry!

June 14, 2010

Pork Katsu Curry

I was interested with Go! Go! Curry! when I first saw it in Ion Orchard some time ago. However, the price range is a bit unnerving. While walking around 313@Somerset yesterday, I finally decided to try them. They divided the each item into four classes: healthy, economy, business and first class. Each referring to the amount of rice served and not the meat.

I ordered the #1 recommended item, an economy class Pork Katsu Curry (S$ 12.50). The economy class is big enough for me, just see the photo above. The rice is buried under a generous serving of their special thick black curry sauce. And this is topped with tender pork katsu slices. Overall its great but I think it could be hotter. Guess I had too much Indian food lately.

By the way, If you’re really hungry you might want to check their grand slam menu (S$18.50). What to know what’s inside, check their website ;)

Would I go back? Oh yes. Next time I’ll try the curry with cheese topping. Mm, cheese, what could go wrong…

Go! Go! Curry! Stall in 313@Somerset

Now about my Fish & Co. photos…


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