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Building Jakarta

November 8, 2006

Lately there are lots of new apartment being constructed in Jakarta, like this one. Meanwhile, the Jakarta Stock Exchange is up 4% within the last week, setting a new record high day after day. Maybe we really are not that bad after all.

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  1. well ekonomi makro itu tidak menggambarkan keadaan ekonomi masyarakat juga kan :P

  2. oón permalink

    hebat uey…gedung blom jadi dipoto kok bagus juga ya?

  3. Carrot: itulah masalah utamanya. Dana yang masuk itu nggak nyampe ke sektor riil
    oón: Thanks.

    Tadi pagi liat lagi, apartment di foto ini dibangun di deket Hailai, Jakarta Utara

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