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Django on Feisty

April 20, 2007

While reading the latest Django docs, I found out that Django is already available in the Debian and Ubuntu repositories. Fantastic! Here’s from the docs:

A packaged version of Django is available for Debian GNU/Linux, and can be installed from either the “testing” or the “unstable” repositories by typing apt-get install python-django.

When you install this package, apt will recommend installing a database adapter; you should select and install the adapter for whichever database you plan to use with Django.


The Debian python-django package is also available for Ubuntu Linux, in the “universe” repository for Ubuntu 7.04 (“Feisty Fawn”). The current Ubuntu package is also based on Django 0.95.1 and can be installed in the same fashion as for Debian.

I realized that Debian testing got the latest Django 0.96 while Feisty got the slightly outdated less bleeding edge, 0.95.1. It’s probably because 0.96 came out after Feisty code freeze. I hope the latest version will be back-ported to Feisty (or perhaps Edgy and Dapper too). On the other hand, you probably don’t care about the packages and keep hitting svn updates ;)


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