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Pizza Marzano

December 2, 2006

I went to Pizza Marzano at Senayan City with Wortel today. We ordered a Quattro Formaggi pizza (4 types of cheese, Gorgonzola, emmental, cheddar and mozarella), and an English Breakfast (55k each). Apperently the english breakfast here is a pizza, unlike the one I was anticipating. Despite that, the it’s one really tasty pizza, with bacon and egg (and heaps of mushroom). In the end, both pizza are delicous. Don’t forget to ask for black pepper!

For the drinks we ordered a free flow of lemon tea and blackcurrant tea (18k each). Both tea are nice, but I think the lemon tea tastes better than blackcurrant.

More on my Flickr page:
Pizza Marzano - Quattro Formaggi Pizza Marzano - English Breakfast and Lemon Tea Pizza Marzano - English Breakfast Close Up Pizza Marzano - Quattro Formaggi

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  1. i wish they dont put the soft egg there in the english breakfast

    scratch that, i wish they dont put egg at all

  2. I love the egg ^^

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